How to Help your Kids Live to 100

Every parent wants their child to have a long and healthy life… and you could help them live to 100, or beyond! | taught by Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

Course description

Want to help your children eat better and live longer, healthier lives... without a daily drama at mealtimes?

A quick question for you... How much time and money do you spend on educating your kids, buying them nice toys and clothes, helping them make friends, taking them to clubs, treating them on special occasions and taking them on holiday?

Let alone the hours of your time helping them to read, with their homework, worrying about their grades at school, whether you can afford the new clothes they want and helping them make social connections.

By contrast, how much time and money goes into feeding their brain power, protecting their future health, supporting how their bones, muscles and organs develop and keeping their guts healthy? 

But... all that happens automatically right?

Well yes... and no.

As well as being an experienced fully trained expert who’s worked with over 1000 clients of all ages, I’m also a mum of two. So I know how hard it is when your children just refuse to eat anything with goodness.

Don’t worry…. As well as teaching you the foundations of good nutrition, the “why” you need to do this… this straight-forward online course will also show you the “how” And all in the comfort of your own home! 

  • How to get your child to eat goodness
  • How to disguise healthy stuff in their favourite foods
  • Which foods they need to eat everyday
  • How to get those foods into them in a simple way

From dinners to desserts! From family feasts to quick meals when you’ve been taxi-ing the kids from club to club. It’s all packed into this course, and you can go through and choose the chapters which suit you.

This is a course for real mums and dads. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to feed your children well…. And in turn help them lead the most fulfilling life, and maybe even live past 100. 

"So today we made your Chocolate Broccoli Muffins and Ben's verdict was "They are better than McDonald's muffins!" Tina Frosdick

What's included in this course?

Video & audio modules: You’ll receive access to 20 video and listen-on-the-go audio chapters, which outline the foundation of children’s nutrition. Each video is just 5-8 minutes long and packed with practical tips on how to put the knowledge into practice.

In-depth nutritional advice: We’ll cover everything from brain food to managing stress, how to get them to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day and how to deal with the dreaded munchies.

Instant, forever access: With lifetime access to the course and continually updated information, you’ll be able to work through the chapters at your own pace and choose the areas which are most relevant to you.

Downloadable recipes & resources: Easy-to-access worksheets to go through for you and your kids, as well as recipes which you can download instantly as PDFs and keep. You’ll also receive the Live to 100 Meal Builder poster which you can stick on your fridge as a reminder for you all.

Private Facebook group:You’ll also get access to my How to Help my Children Live to 100 Facebook group, where you’ll get support, tips and ideas from other mums taking part in the programme, as well as the ability to ask me questions and regular live Q&A from me.What's more, if you're not completely satisfied with the course content, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

"My son was diagnosed with IBS and his painful constipation was really affecting his social life. Catherine gave us a program that continues to make such a positive impact on his life. With Catherine’s help my son is so much better and can at last lead a normal teenage life." Mrs T

As parents, YOU have an amazing opportunity…

The power to be able to shape your child’s future health… everything from how likely they are to get diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, to how long they actually might live. 

Every parent wants their child to have a long and healthy life… and you could help them live to 100, or beyond! You can also affect how well they do at school and whether they achieve a career path they can thrive on. You can affect all of this simply through the food you put on their plates today.

Is this really true? Can food really have such an impact on my child’s future?

Even before you conceived your beautiful bundle of joy, what you and your partner ate could have influenced the health of your children, and even your grandchildren! Isn’t that amazing, for me it’s almost magical!

And during those 9 months of gentle incubation, as you nurtured your young ones inside your womb… everything you ate was feeding them and their developing brain. This doesn’t stop the moment the umbilical cord is cut… or when you stop breastfeeding… it’s such an amazing gift you have in your hands, and it’s never too late to start.

Whether you’re thinking about having children, you already have a baby, toddler, tweenie or teen… how you feed your child now not only affects their eating habits growing up it also dramatically impacts their ability to achieve their best both at school and socially, but also how their cells, tissues and brains develop and stay healthy as an adult.

"My daughter has a dairy intolerance and after seeing Catherine her health has improved drastically. She now has more energy, her headaches and tummy problems have gone and she is a happier, more confident child who feels more in control of her health. Overall seeing Catherine has been a life-changing experience, so thank you, Catherine, so much.” Charlotte

It’s never too late to start… although research shows us the earlier the better, at any age you can do amazing things for your child’s future potential with the food you put on their plates. 

Modules that make life easy

There are 20 jam-packed modules in this course.

  1. How to construct a meal… portion sizes, carbs, fats and protein
  2. Keeping blood sugar balanced… the best way to get kids to be their best
  3. What’s so bad about sugar?
  4. Brain foods - the amazing truth about fats
  5. Boosting nutrition… how can I always add goodness?
  6. Plant Power
  7. What to keep in your cupboards
  8. No I won’t eat my carrots! How to manage fussy eaters
  9. What should my children drink? Help they won’t drink water!
  10. What’s a treat? And should all naughty stuff be banned?
  11. I’m confused… how to read food labels!
  12. 5 things that should definitely be off the menu
  13. Zzzzz… getting a good night’s sleep
  14. Toilet habits… why it’s important to poo (and what to do if poo isn’t as it should be)
  15. How to teach kids about healthy eating
  16. Getting kids cooking
  17. How to help your kids maintain a healthy weight
  18. Lunch box ideas your kids will love!
  19. Should you give your kids vitamin supplements?
  20. How to get in 5… 7… 10 a day
Not forgetting audio chapters, lots of instantly downloadable recipes, worksheets, meal builders, the private Facebook group and much more!

Research has shown…

  • Children who regularly eat a healthy breakfast perform better at school
  • Skipping breakfast is associated with poorer performance at school – less alertness, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, less problem solving ability 
  • Children who eat less fruits and vegetables are more likely to have lower grades at school
  • Deficiencies of nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, B12, folate, iron and zinc are associated with lower grades
  • Only 9% of children aged 6-11 eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. In one study of elementary age children, the only fruit or vegetable source of 40% of the children was French fries or tomato sauce.
  • The risk of childhood obesity rises by 12% for each hour a day a child spends free time in front of a screen!
  • 80% of our long-term health is determined, not by our genes, but by our daily choices!
  • Being physically active as a child increases their odds of being active and healthy as an adult
  • 1 in 5 children aged 10 in the UK is overweight or obese… which increases their risk of being obese as an adult, makes them more likely to have time off school, may affect their self-esteem, leave them at risk of mental health problems, at risk from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and if they continue to be obese as an adult, this increases their risk of many cancers
  • Childhood obesity is associated with direct damage to the cardiovascular system. Also overweight and obese children have 4 times the risk of developing high blood pressure as an adult, which puts them at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

I truly believe that eating well starts at home. But whether you’re a parent or someone who works with children, any adult influence on their food choices can have an effect on their future health. 

So be prepared throughout this course to also address how YOU eat

Research shows that when children see adults eating more fruit and vegetables and healthier food in general, they copy that behaviour and eat more of these great foods too. 

It's best to start as early as you can… but it’s never too late

We know from research that the sooner you start healthy eating the better. The food choices children make during the first year of life have a dramatic impact on how they eat as they go through childhood. 

Experiences with food start from a very young age, when children copy your behaviour, learn about who gives them food and start to develop preferences for different types of food. But if your children are no longer babies, it’s never too late to start. 

This course is designed for parents who have toddlers to teens and beyond… It’s packed with simple recipes made from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards. Plus you’ll get loads of tips along the way to help the whole family, whatever their ages. 

Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC
Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC
Nutritional Therapist DipION mBANT CNHC

I'm Catherine, Nutritional Therapist, mother-of-two and passionate healthy eating advocate!

I've worked with over a thousand clients on a one to one basis, and seen hundreds more at my workshops and group programmes. I love teaching people that healthy eating doesn't have to be a sacrifice... that you can eat well, feel great and thoroughly enjoy your food!

I'm so proud to be one of the UK's most successful Nutritional Therapists, and I'm regularly called upon by the local and national press to give advice on family nutrition and healthy eating. I recently joined up with the Telegraph, contributing to a series of articles on healthy eating in the run up to the Olympics and provide nutritional advice, workshops and support for a variety of national organisations and charities.

I am a fully trained and experienced Nutritional Therapist, graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. I also hold professional certificates in NLP, hypnotherapy and mindfulness based Lifecoaching. I am a member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the UK regulator for complementary health care practitioners.

"Before I saw Catherine, I felt constantly tired and was struggling to get on with everyday life. I hadn’t realised that what I was eating was making such a huge impact on the way I was feeling."

Since opening my practice in Norfolk, hundreds of clients - young and old - have visited me for nutritional support from across the UK and the world. My reputation for quality care, effective professional advice and nurturing support has grown and grown, which has meant that I have had to expand in recent times to offer online clinics to help guide clients wherever they are in the world. I am so pleased to be able to extend my reach to even more people, by offering my new online programmes - which will be expanded over the coming months to include other areas, such as a focus on Family Nutrition and How to be a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan.

Through my online and Norfolk based clinic, I work with a wide variety of health conditions and have a specialist interest in the following areas:

  • Family and Children's Health
  • Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery
  • Hormonal conditions such as thyroid and adrenal health
  • Digestive Disorders, particularly IBS, coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Dietary support for cancer
  • Pre-conceptual care, fertility, pregnancy and post-natal recovery
  • Autoimmune conditions

"Before meeting Catherine I dreaded meals because of the pain and discomfort which usually followed. Since working with Catherine my life has changed and I look forward to my meals knowing what I can eat and what I need to avoid. Catherine is a delightful lady with a wealth of knowledge on nutritional needs to share with her clients which she gives with empathy and kindness."

Course Curriculum

Introduction from Catherine Jeans, Nutritional Therapist DipION mBANT CNHC
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1. How to construct a meal… portion sizes, carbs, fats and protein
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2. Keeping blood sugar balanced… the best way to avoid HANGRY kids!
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3. What’s so bad about sugar?
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4. Brain food... the amazing truth about fats
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7. Plant Power.... how to use plant protein
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8. What to keep in your cupboards
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9. No I won’t eat my carrots! How to manage fussy eaters
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10. What should my children drink?  Help they won’t drink water!
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11. What’s a treat?  And should all naughty stuff be banned?
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12. I’m confused… how to read food labels!
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13. Five things that should be off the menu!
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14. Zzzzz… getting a good night’s sleep
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15. Toilet habits… why it’s important to poo (and what to do if poo isn’t as it should be)
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16. How to teach kids about healthy eating
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17. Let's get our kids cooking!
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18. Helping children maintain a healthy weight
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20. Should I give my kids vitamin supplements?
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