Are you worried you won't get into your favourite clothes EVER again?  

Are you FED UP with dieting?  You never lose weight... or can't keep it off?

Do you feel sluggish and unhealthy... and know you'd feel better if you could just lose weight? 

I get it… I hear this all the time from clients (and I once felt like this too...)


I'm one of the UK's most experienced weight loss nutritionists and I want to help you quit dieting and lose weight long term.  But also feel really healthy too!

My Eat Well for Life Weight Loss method has helped hundreds of women and men to feel full, fit, healthy and full of energy... and I want to help you too!  

  • Imagine losing weight without feeling hungry? 
  • Imagine never having to “diet” again… 
  • Imagine preparing food that the whole family can enjoy…
  • Imagine never having to count calories, or weigh and measure food again
  • Imagine getting back into your favourite skinny jeans or shirts? 
  • Imagine losing weight but also feeling full of energy, better digestive health and glowing skin? 
  • Imagine being able to enjoy fat without feeling guilty... 


Join me for my next Weight Loss Programme… and learn how to lose weight for life!   

Secure your place on my next Weight Loss Programme starting 13 January 2020

This 4 week, intensive coaching programme is just £197 - that's just £6.50 per day for daily support from one of the UK's leading weight loss coaches. I’m only offering a limited number of places, so that I can offer such intensive support. Please sign up now to secure your place.

“Catherine has changed my life! I feel the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been and can honestly say that every area of my life has improved, because of what she has taught me.”

(And she lost 2 dress sizes!)

- Lisa, Norwich 

Would you Start 2020 finally feeling in control of your eating, your health and your weight?

Just like my client Clare... despite spending months on one of the most popular national diet programmes, she came to see me desperate for help with her sugar cravings and her weight. She's now lost 3/4 stone in just 5 weeks... and her sugar cravings have disappeared! 


Or Rachel from Norfolk - here’s what she had to say:  “Thank you Catherine, I am now the fittest, slimmest, healthiest & happiest I have ever been!“


Would you like to feel the same too?

Whether you want to kickstart your weight loss because you have several stone to lose, or you’re looking to lose a few pounds, this programme is ideal. 

And great news, this programme is for men and women of all ages! (18+)

Here’s how my Eat Well for Life Weight Loss programme works:

The next 4 week online programme starts on 13 January 2020

  • You’ll receive 4 weekly meal plans, which are adjusted throughout the programme to kickstart, burn and maintain your weight loss.

  • 5 live weekly group lessons using Zoom: which will be at 1pm every Monday afternoon. (Don’t worry if you can’t make the programme live… I’ll record every session and you can send me any questions you’d like me to answer live).

  • A weekly Q&A: where you can ask me any questions and ask for any help you need.

  • On the start date you’ll receive your first course information pack.  This induction pack will contain: 
    • 7 day meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, tips and cooking suggestions. There will be lots of options for vegetarians and vegans too!

    • Daily movement record and tips

    • Motivation journal

    • Supplement recommendations (please note supplements not included in the price, but I’ll recommend some top products which may help to support your body through the process)

  • Access to our secret Facebook group – I’ll be posting tips and videos most days, plus you can ask me any questions… and even more important you’ll have a community of other people going through the programme with you - so you can share tips, meal ideas and ask each other questions. Research has shown that losing weight as a community is the best way to get results!

  • Every week in our live, interactive 45 mins to 1 hour session, I’ll be covering a new aspect to your weight loss journey.  This will include: 
    • How to lose weight successfully (and learn why it hasn’t worked for you in the past)

    • How to work your hormones to help you burn more calories

    • The right exercise to do – how, when and what to eat around it

    • How to carb cycle – so your weight loss wont slow down or force you to eat a certain way your entire life

    • How to (and when not to!) use intermittent fasting to keep you burning more calories

I’ve found an amazing combination of dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes that work with a busy life…

I know what it’s like to dread the summer feeling bloated, overweight and like your clothes don’t fit. As a teenager and young adult, I always struggled with my weight. I’m not naturally slim and have to work at it... but I’ve found a combination of eating strategies that really work! I’ve refined these strategies with hundreds of one to one clients, and now I want to share them with YOU!

What to expect from this course?

Throughout this online programme, you'll get more support from me than I've ever offered before.

I'm keeping the price as low as I can, because I want to help as many people as possible break free from the diet trap. 

I am one of the most experienced Nutritional Therapists in the UK, and I've seen over 1500 clients in my private clinic.  

I am a highly trained, experienced and fully registered nutritional therapist, with a busy private clinic that often runs with a waiting list.  I also consult for The Spire Hospital and many other large organisations. I've been featured on BBC News, BBC Radio, in the Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many more national and international publications.


Unlimited Access to me: 

Usually my private clients pay a minimum of £1000 to get access to me for one to one coaching... so I created this group online course to help more people to feel great,  healthier and in control of their bodies.  

You'll get access to me whenever you need it as part of this course - for the full 30 days - either through during our live lessons (5 in total), through the closed Facebook group, or you can email me when you need to. 

"The best money I’ve spent in a long time! My weight loss total so far is 2 stones and 5lbs!"

- Trevor, UK

I have just a limited number of places for this next programme...

If you'd like to quit dieting and learn how to eat well for life, I'd love to have you join my next programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the lessons take place and what if I can't make it?   

The meetings will be via Zoom - a really easy to use meeting software that's free to use - I'll send you the link a couple of days before our first meeting so you can get yourself signed up.  You'll also be sent recordings of all the lessons to catch up and watch again.

What if I have a medical issue, take medication or have food intolerances.  Can I still join?

Yes you can - just ask me about anything you’re unsure of.  Also you should consult with your GP about any pre-existing medical conditions or medications you take - and whether changing your diet and the supplements are suitable for you.  

Will there be supplements to buy?  

Diet and lifestyle changes always come first... but supplements can help support your body through the detoxification process, your ability to manage stress and nutrient levels.  I will provide you with a list of supplements you might like to purchase, but these are not essential. 


Will I get a course pack or notes?   

Yes in week 1, I'll be uploading and releasing a course pack with your first week’s recipes, meal plans, meal ideas and shopping lists.  Plus you’ll receive tips on movement, motivation logs and supplement recommendations. 

Every week, you’ll receive a new 7 day plan, with recipes, tips and meal ideas. 

If you have any more questions about the course, please do not hesitate to email me

I expect the next programme to sell out really quickly... so if you're tired of dieting and want to regain your health and vitality, then sign up for one of the places today.

If you have any questions about the course, please send me an email or you can leave a message for me to call you on 01603 713200 (UK number).  I hope you can join me on this exciting journey! 

Catherine x

  • Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

    Nutritional Therapist DipION mBANT CNHC

    Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

    I'm Catherine, one of the UK's most experienced and highly trained Nutritional Therapists. I'm also a busy Mum of 2, so I know what it's like trying to balance healthy meals around a busy home life. I believe that good, healthy food doesn't have to be complicated, and I've worked with over a thousand clients in my private clinic, and taught them how to eat well for life, in an achievable way. I now spread my message of healthy, happy eating around the world with my online courses.

    I love teaching people that healthy eating doesn't have to be a sacrifice... that you can eat well, feel great and thoroughly enjoy your food!

    You can find loads of testimonials on my website here's just a couple I wanted to share with you: "Before I saw Catherine, I felt constantly tired and was struggling to get on with everyday life. I hadn’t realised that what I was eating was making such a huge impact on the way I was feeling." Mrs C, Norfolk.

    "Catherine, I just want to say thank you for all your help, I would not be where I am today without it, I would recommend you to anybody! Without you I would not be on the path to recovery. Thanks again." Cheryl Tunmore, Norfolk

How to sign up to the next Weight Loss Programme

This 4 week, intensive coaching programme is just £197 - that's just £6.50 per day for daily support from one of the UK's leading weight loss coaches. I’m only offering a limited number of places, so that I can offer such intensive support. Please sign up now to secure your place.