Would you like to learn more about breathwork, meditation and mindfulness?

Functional breathing and relaxation practices are the perfect antidote to a busy life.

Do you really need to re-learn how to breathe?  Well yes, most people do! 

So many of us are dysfunctional breathers... and learning to breathe and relax in a more functional way, can have a profoundly positive impact on our stress levels and wellness. 

Join me every week for 30 minutes of breathwork, mindfulness and relaxation.  A nourishing lunchtime practice, with techniques you can use for the rest of your life.  

This is a weekly live lesson - 30 minutes at Midday every Thursday, starting 7th October.

Lessons are delivered live via ZOOM, plus you'll be able to access all the recordings for 3 full months, so you can revisit the lessons and continue practice in your own time.

So don't worry if you cannot make it live... you'll have full access to the recordings when you have time to practice and catch up. 

Who is This Course Suitable for and What Will I Learn?

Most breathing practices are safe for anyone to do.

You can practice sitting on the floor, laying down, or sitting in a comfy chair. I'll guide you through each technique, so you can get the best out of your practice. It's an ideal course for anyone who struggles with stress, busy-ness or overwhelm, and would like to learn techniques to help calm your mind and support physical and mental wellbeing. It's just about finding 30 minutes of stillness in your busy schedule. Learning some simple practices, and incorporating them into your daily life when you can. I'll take you through practices such as: - Box Breathing - Belly Breathing - Alternate Nostril Breathing - Guided Meditation and Relaxation - Learning to meditate in your own space - The Inner and Outer Vayus ...and so much more!
Join my next live programme - starting Thursday 7th October.
Who is This Course Suitable for and What Will I Learn?