Just imagine...

One of the UK's leading Nutritional Therapists teaches you everything you need to know about cutting sugar from your diet in less than 10 simple, straight-forward steps.

"Just to report...30 days have past and all my family are thinner and feeling good! No sign of anyone rushing for a carb or sugar fix, though we are celebrating with your chocolate avocado mousse recipe! Anyone struggling, stick at it, it's worth it!" 


With easy to follow modules, shopping lists, delicious recipes and expert guidance, you can finally take control of your diet and feel better than you have in years!

You're glowing from the inside out, your skin is clear and you've even lost a few inches from your waist! Even better, you haven't had to starve yourself or give up your favourite foods...

Fancy a burger? Not a problem. Got a craving for chocolate pudding, go right ahead! My collection of personally developed recipes (many which use naturally gluten free ingredients) are yours to keep and use forever. And even better, you'll be able to make most of the meals with ingredients you already have in your cupboard! 

The 30 Day Sugar Detox is a simple, straight-forward and super effective online course that will help you to ditch the sugar in your diet, lose weight and live a healthy, happy life, everyday. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle program that will set you and your family on the path to a healthier lifestyle, free from guilt and food cravings forever.

"Catherine proves that kicking the sugar habit can be done – in a way that is still enjoyable for people who still enjoy tasty food." 

Debby, Norwich

You will learn...

  • The truth about sugar in the food and drink you consume everyday. How much sugar you're really eating and drinking (I guarantee it's more than you think!) and how your addiction to sugar affects your body, your blood sugar and even your mind.
  • The truth about fruit and fructose - how they affect your body and how to choose what's best for you.
  • How you could unknowingly be putting yourself and your family at risk of health complications, obesity and life-changing diseases such as type-2 diabetes
  • How to read food labels and identify what tricks food manufacturers use to lure you into thinking a product is healthy, when if fact it's anything but!
  • Recipes and nutritional tips to transform your favourite junk food into a family friendly sugar-free feast. I'm not going to take away your favourite foods, instead I'll show you healthier ways of preparing meals.
  • How to break your addiction to sugar once and for all... and how your body might react.
  • Easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes that the whole family will love.
  • How to cut your cravings for sugar for good by packing your diet with great food that tastes even better.

This is months of personalised health coaching wrapped up in a single, 30 day program. Convenient and just as in-depth, but much less expensive than a personalised consultation.

"I did this last January. One year on, and I’m still virtually sugar free! Best ‘diet’ I ever did. Skin so clear, and just don’t really miss the sweet stuff. Just feel so much better, can’t imagine ever going back. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks so much Catherine." 


The 30 Day sugar detox includes 7 easy-to-follow modules, videos, meal planners, shopping lists, recipes, top tips and a free copy of my popular ebook: Junk Food to Super Food. 

What’s more, your membership doesn’t expire – you’ll have access to all future updates I add to the course for one low price.

So, if you fall off the sugar-free wagon and decide to return for another round of the detox, your materials, resources and recipes will all be there, waiting for you.

"Guess what… I’ve lost another 3lb! That’s 11lb in 6 weeks. Am really chuffed, I’ve never lost this much EVER!" 

Nicola G

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  • Catherine Jeans

    Nutritional Therapist & Yoga Teacher

    Catherine Jeans

    I'm Catherine, one of the UK's most experienced and highly trained Functional Nutritional Therapists. I'm also a Registered Yoga Teacher, a busy Mum of 2 and a passionate but realistic foodie... I know what it's like trying to balance healthy meals and regular movement around a busy home life. I believe that good, healthy food doesn't have to be complicated, and I've worked with over a thousand clients in my private clinic, and taught them how to eat well for life, in an achievable way. I now spread my message of healthy, happy eating around the world with my online courses.

    I'm also a stress expert, incorporating Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness into my teaching, so that I can help you balance your stress levels and better manage whatever life throws at you. I love teaching people that healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes don't have to be a sacrifice... you can eat well, move well and breath well for life. I look forward to showing you how. Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC YTT200

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the 30 Day Sugar Detox
    • Welcome to the 30-day Sugar Detox Program
  • 2
    Module 1: What's all the fuss about sugar?
    • What's the fuss about sugar
  • 3
    Module 2: How much sugar do you eat?
    • How much sugar do you eat?
  • 4
    Module 3: How Sugar Affects your Blood Sugar and Immune System
    • How sugar affects your blood sugar and immune system
  • 5
    Module 4: Fructose... Friend or Foe?
    • Fructose... Friend or Foe?
  • 6
    Module 5: Breaking the Addiction - Weeks 1-5
    • Breaking the addiction - weeks 1-3
  • 7
    Module 6: How to Read Food Labels
    • How to read food labels
  • 8
    Module 7: Sugar Free for Life
    • Module 7: Sugar free for life
    • My favourite alternatives to sugar
  • 9
    Meal Plans
    • 30 Day Sugar Detox Meal Plans
    • Vegetarian Meal Plan
  • 10
    Traffic Light Food Guide
    • Traffic Light Food Guide
  • 11
    • Welcome to the Recipe Section!
    • Super Green Breakfast Smoothie
    • Massaged kale super salad with turmeric chicken
    • ​Turkey Burgers, Meatballs and Patties
    • Protein rich ice-cream
    • Healthy Home-made Basil Pesto
    • Breakfast Scramble
    • Almond, Pepper and Seed Pate
    • Taste of the Sea Dip
    • Easy-Peasy Egg Wraps
    • Super Chocolate Maca Smoothie
    • Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
    • Overnight buckwheat pudding
    • Chia Fruity Jam
    • Super Tasty, Sugar-Free Low Carb Pancakes
    • Chocolate Banana Loaf
    • Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw
    • Superfood Apple Crumble
    • No potato salmon fish cakes
    • Avocado chocolate mousse
    • Berry Silken Tofu Smoothie
    • 3 Delicious Detox-Friendly Drinks
    • Ham and Egg Crustless Quiche
    • Stuffed goats cheese and sun dried tomato chicken breast
    • Simple Baked Fish or Chicken En Papillote
    • Get your Greens Super Soup!
    • Rainbow Quinoa Tabbouleh
    • Vegetable Fritatta
    • CocoBerry Cheesecake Pots
    • Deliciously Detoxing Super Salad
  • 12
    Top Tips to Stay on Track!
    • 5 top tips for staying on track with your sugar detox
  • 13
    BONUS! Free ebook: Junk Food to Super Food
    • Junk Food to Super Food Ebook