Do you or a family member have ADHD or ADD? Or struggle with focus, working memory, emotional regulation and suspect you might have ADHD/ADD?

Would you like to learn practical strategies using food and nutrition to help support ability to focus, relax and learn?

I'm really excited to bring this live online workshop to you on Friday 24th March at 10am. Having spent years in my private clinic supporting ADHD, ADD and other types of neurodiversity, alongside my own personal experience with my family, I want to teach you simple, yet powerful nutritional strategies that can help support you or your loved ones. This is not about changing who you are. ADHD and ADD can be an incredible superpower. But it comes with its challenges. The great news is that there is so much you can do to help your loved ones. The right food and nutrition can help to balance dysregulation, nourish biochemical imbalances and over time, help empower confidence and better self-esteem.
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In this live 90 minutes workshop, you'll learn from my years of clinical experience, plus my own practical experience with my family.

These nutrition and food strategies help address the underlying biochemical imbalances associated with ADHD and ADD, which can impact focus, working memory, emotional regulation and finding the brain and body's "off" switch. In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • The foods the unfocused brain needs… and those it really doesn’t (with practical tips on how to get the balance right)

  • How to support dopamine levels, for better emotional regulation, self-esteem and executive functioning

  • Key nutrients to help support neurotransmitter balance, concentration and memory – including iron, omega 3, magnesium and zinc (and practical advice on how to get them to eat them!)

  • What to feed someone with ADHD who is constantly hungry

  • The gut-brain connection and how to support microbiome balance

  • Information about nutritional supplements and how to use them

  • Nutrients to support ability to sleep

  • My favourite recipes for focus and cognitive function

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Live 90 Minutes Workshop, with 30 minutes Live Q+A
    • Zoom Link for Live Lesson Friday 24th March, 10am
    • Live Workshop Video: ADHD and Nutrition
    • Audio Only - ADHD and Nutrition Workshop
    • BONUS Audio: The Gut Microbiome and ADHD
    • BONUS Video: The Gut Microbiome and ADHD
  • 2
    My Favourite Recipes for Supporting Focus and Emotional Regulation
    • ADHD Recipe Pack - with Photos
    • ADHD Recipe Pack - Print Friendly No Photos

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When? Friday 24th March, 10am to Midday

The workshop will be live on zoom. It will also be recorded for those who cannot make it live, or who wish to watch it again. The workshop is 90 minutes, with a 30 minutes Q+A at the end. You will also receive a pack of my top 20 Recipes to support Focus and Cognitive Function, and access to the recording following the live workshop.
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Book your place on this live workshop