Would you like to learn from my 11 years of clinical experience.... and create your own dream practice?

This special interactive one-day workshop is designed to help you create a sustainable nutritional therapy business that makes you happy.

A dream practice...  that allows you to serve clients in the way you always dreamed of.  

Earn the income you deserve.

Feel confident that you can earn consistently. 

But most importantly, maintains your own health, happiness wellbeing and work-life balance.

Would You Like to Learn from my 11 Years Of Clinical Experience ... and Create Your Dream Practice?

This special interactive one-day workshop is designed to help you create a sustainable nutritional therapy business that makes you happy. One that allows you to serve clients in the way you always dreamed of. Earn the income you deserve. And maintain your own health, wellbeing and work-life balance.

Spend a day with me... new course dates coming soon.

By the end of the day, you'll have an actionable plan of steps, so that you can get started on creating your dream practice. Whether you're a new nutritional therapist, or you've been in practice for a while, this one day interactive workshop is designed to:

  • Fast track your financial planning... so you know how to price your services

  • Discover who you want to work with and how you will find them?

  • Help you create products that your clients help sell for you

  • A plan to confidently market what you do... so you can convert more leads into sales

  • Your first campaign plan... to generate those leads, without having to spend a huge budget on social media ads

I only have 10 places on this special workshop...

I usually only offer this support in my one to one coaching sessions, but this summer, I want to help more new graduates and struggling NTs, to help create the dream practice you and your clients deserve.

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Here's what other Nutritional Therapists say about working with me:

"I have never booked in so many clients in my life! I had 4 clients this morning which has never happened, my diary is full, my clients are getting better results than they ever have done... and I absolutely bloody love you, thank you for being the best coach in the entire world!!!!" Jodie, Nutritional Therapist

Ruth Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist

"Before I started with Catherine I felt like I was spinning aimlessly in circles, and now I finally have the focus and direction I need to become more successful and happy in my business. Thank you so much, Catherine!"

Nikki Harris, Nutritional Therapist

"I really enjoyed working with Catherine, she is warm, open and friendly, yet professional... She has given me great advice on how to build my confidence, ways to increase clients in a simple strategic way, that makes so much sense and is easy to apply."

This isn't a complicated course that involves loads of social media marketing or gimmicks.

Likewise, I won't be promising to help you earn £10,000 per month in 3 months. These kind of promises are just not helpful!

You'll need to put in a lot of hard work following the workshop - but the steps you'll learn during the day will make sure your hard work creates RESULTS. As a UK based nutritional therapist, I've been there. I've definitely got the t-shirt, and had my fair share of burnout, wasted money (on marketing courses!) and strategies that got me nowhere. But I've also had huge success too, and having spent years in clinical practice, alongside creating multiple income streams, I'm proud to say I've been the primary earner in my family for over a decade... I've never had a second job (apart from being a Mum to Lucia and Lucas). So I want to share what I've learnt with you, and coach you to create this kind of success too.

Here's what I know...

I know that finding a way to generate enough clients can be scary. Especially if you've never done it before.

But I also know just seeing more clients, day in day out, isn't a viable business either. This is a recipe for burnout (believe me, I know!) What I do know is that with the £1000's you've spent on training, the hours of studying and dedication, you deserve to have a business coach who knows what they are talking about. I work primarily as a Nutritional Therapist. Mentoring is something I also do, because I see far too much bad advice out there, and I want to help therapists thrive. Not be fed empty promises.
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Here's what I know...

What will the Workshop Day Include?

I want to work with a group of just 10 people. You need to be highly motivated to create your dream practice. That's it. Whether you want to be your household's primary earner, you want to rock the NT world, or you'd just like to create a small yet sustainable part time income. All I ask is that you're highly motivated and keen to learn .

  • Do I have to be qualified or have an existing client list?

    No - I'm happy to work with soon to be qualified NTs (either this year or in a year's time), new practitioners or those who have more experience and need help!

  • What will I leave the workshop with?

    A plan. Knowledge. And the confidence you need to succeed! Let me expand on that... this is an interactive online workshop. The day will be broken up into different sections, where I'll first give you an inside look into my business and how things work for me and other therapists. You'll do some work on your own or in a break out room with other therapists, and keep building your own plan as the day goes on. As I'm working with only 10 people, you'll receive continual feedback throughout the day, you can ask me questions and as a group we'll work together to help you create an actionable plan you can get to work on straight away.

  • Will I have a dream practice straight away?

    So let's have a reality check :) It will take time and hard work. I cannot magic up a client base for you, or do the groundwork you need to build awareness of your products and services. But what this course is about, is teaching you how to build the right products, services and create the right message from the ground up. It will teach you how to think like a business person from the start. It will give you the confidence you need to succeed. And provide you with a springboard to long term success.

  • Got any other questions?

    Just drop me a line - info@catherinejeans.com and I will be very happy to answer any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you.