Everyone knows that new Mums are often shattered.  But no one tells you that feeling tired can go on for years and years... without ever feeling like you’ve got your old self back.  Do you feel:

  • Constantly tired
  • Anxious and worried all the time
  • Out of control with your eating
  • Addicted to sugar
  • Like you're never fully fit?

This online group programme is ideal for you... with live lessons, daily support from me, simple meal plans, lifestyle tips and quick, family friendly recipes.

Trust me... I was once a Shattered Mum too, I know what it feels like.  I've put together an incredible programme that can make a difference, really quickly. 

I'll show you how you can eat well every day… even if you have no cooking skills, are a self-confessed sugar addict, find meal times stressful and life is so busy that you can’t even imagine fitting in food preparation.

"I cannot recommend this course enough!"

Meghan Douglass-Ellis, Shattered Mum Recovery Programme July 2018

What is The Shattered Mum Recovery Programme?

On this 28 day online group programme, you'll discover...

Live Lesson 1: Why am I so tired all the time?  Why can't I manage stress? Why am I craving sugar and carbs? What's wrong with me?

Live Lesson 2:  Simple changes, big results! Blood sugar balancing and 7 days to a sugar free, energy boosting diet

Live Lesson 3:  How to stop your stress bucket overflowing

Live Lesson 4:   Simple food prep for busy Mums... staying motivated and on track!

Live Lesson 5:  What's the right exercise for energy and the fuel to do it right! And how to keep your hormones balanced. 

On top of these FIVE LIVE lessons, you'll receive: 

  • Lifetime access to recordings of all the live lessons... in case you can't make it live or want to recap. 
  • Daily support from me through our closed Facebook group... I'll post tips, new recipes, meal ideas and videos every day for 28 days, plus you can ask me any questions, any time! 
  • The Shattered Mums Recovery Guide: with meal ideas, plans and recipes... all suitable for a busy family life, (most can be made in under 10 mins with just a few ingredients).  I'll give you new things to try as we go through the course as you feel more energetic and confident. 
  • Supplement recommendations to help speed your energy boost... with 15% lifetime discount on any recommended professional quality supplements
  • Access to The Shattered Mums private Facebook group, where you can tap into our community of fellow Mums on the journey with you.  This group will only include the other Mums on this course with you... no one else.  Plus I’ll also be online regularly answering your questions.
  • Q&A at the end of each lesson:  you can ask me any questions, discuss any difficulties you’re having, celebrate your successes
  • An email “hotline” directly to me… so you can ask me your questions and send feedback to me.
  • Lifetime access to my Eat Well for Life Facebook group...  You can use this to get inspiration and advice from other Mums, plus you can ask me any questions you want... any time! 
  • Optional Bonus videos to watch in between lessons... these include meditations, shopping tips, exercise advice and more lifestyle hacks. 

 I’ll show you how you can eat well every day… even if you have no cooking skills, are a self-confessed sugar addict, find meal times stressful and life is so busy that you can’t even imagine fitting in food preparation.

"I am just so pleased that my body & mind are in the best, 'nutritional state' that they have been in for years… I have really enjoyed the journey and make better food choices on a daily basis thanks to you...

Most beneficially for me so far is the feeling of being full and not needing to, 'graze' throughout the day.  I have made many positive changes encouraging my children to also snack less and if they do, to also make healthy choices.”  

- Mrs H, UK.  Shattered Mum Recovery Programme, July 2018 

So here it is, my latest course... this is your chance to be part of this exciting, life changing programme

Throughout this online programme, you'll get more support from me than I've ever offered before...

Do you want a properly trained Nutritional Therapist on hand every single day to ask questions, give you tips, meal ideas and health advice? 

I am now one of the most experienced Nutritional Therapists in the UK, and I've seen over 1200 clients in my private clinic in my 10 years of clinical practice.  I am a highly trained, and fully registered nutritional therapist, and also work for The Spire Hospital and other large organisations as part of my nutritional work. I've also been featured on BBC News, BBC Radio, in the Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many more national and international publications.

Unlimited Access to me: 

Usually my private clients pay a minimum of £1000 to get access to me for one to one coaching... which is why I wanted to create this group online course, so that I could access more Mums in a more meaningful way, at a price that is more accessible to all.  You'll get access to me whenever you need it as part of this course - for the full 28 days - either through during our live lessons (5 in total), through the secret Facebook group, or you can email me when you need to.