Everyone knows that new Mums are often shattered.  But no one tells you that feeling tired can go on for years and years... without ever feeling like you’ve got your old self back.  If you feel constantly tired, unable manage stress, out of control with your eating, addicted to sugar and generally feeling under par most days, then this online programme is for you. 

Trust me... I was once a Shattered Mum too, and I've put together an incredible programme of dietary changes (that are easy to follow and simple to incorporate into your family life), lifestyle tweaks and nutritional changes that can make a difference, really quickly. 

I'll show you how you can eat well every day… even if you have no cooking skills, are a self-confessed sugar addict, find meal times stressful and life is so busy that you can’t even imagine fitting in food preparation.

"I cannot recommend this course enough!"

Meghan Douglass-Ellis, Shattered Mum Recovery Programme July 2018

How to sign up to the next course?

The next course starts on Thursday 14th February, with 5 weekly live lessons until Thursday 14th March. Just sign up today using the link below:
How to sign up to the next course?

It has been amazing. It was so much more than a nutritional course... but so much more about living a long, healthy and happy life. 

It really felt that you were like a ‘life coach’ who knows so much more than nutrition, it was the whole package, a complete holistic approach to living life well.

I would rate it way above a 10. I thought it was incredible to gain all that knowledge and information for that price.” 

- Jo, Norfolk.  Shattered Mum Recovery Programme, July 2018. 

I know what it's like to feel shattered...

I know what it's like to feel like you can barely lift your head throughout the day, or concentrate on what you're doing... I was once a Shattered Mum too.  Yes me, a nutritional therapist! 

My kids were over the baby stage... but I still didn't feel like I had my energy back.  My health started to deteriorate, I was putting on weight, I didn’t feel like I could manage stress anymore and I just felt like I wasn’t the Mum or wife I thought I’d be.

Yep… so many of us go through this, and I had to really work out what would get my health back on track, and it wasn’t the typical dietary advice out there. 

I was also seeing more and more shattered mums in my clinic... they had growing kids that were no longer babies, and sleepless nights weren’t so much of an issue… but they were STILL shattered, anxious, hormonal, feeling guilty that they weren't doing a good job, unable to lose the baby weight (even years down the line)… and juggling far too many plates that felt like they were all about to crash down.  Sounds familiar, right?

It feels like more help is given to mums in those early months and years of our babies lives… but it seems to stop as soon as the toddler years start coming to an end and school life is looming.  Yet often this is when us Mums can begin to feel most stressed, more frazzled and knackered, unable to juggle the continual demands of day to day life.

I’m happy to tell you that I’m now in the best health ever…I hardly ever get a cold or tummy bug, I’m feeling fit, strong and full of energy… and those niggley chronic health conditions that stirred their head have now disappeared. 

I feel like I’m winning most days (there’s still the odd day when things don’t go to plan…) but I make sure my body can cope with being busy. I am full of energy, calmer and love the food I eat!

I’ve found an amazing combination of dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes that work with a busy life…

...and I’ve taught these strategies to so many women in my private clinic, with immediate results, and most recently to my first online group of Shattered Mums.  I want to share this effective and life-changing programme with as many Mums as I can.

So many of you out there are telling me:

  • You feel knackered and you don’t know why
  • You’re tired of feeling tired
  • You don’t feel like your body is your own anymore
  • You’re anxious for no reason and worry about the silliest of things
  • You feel completely out of control with your eating (even though you feed your kids really well!)
  • Your hormones are all over the place
  • You keep going back to your GP and have had lots of tests, but there’s nothing medically wrong
  • You’re putting on weight around your tummy for no reason and often feel bloated
  • You just can’t stick to a good eating plan and keep falling off the wagon
  • Y