Do you want to learn how to truly THRIVE?

To unlock the tools you have at your fingertips, tools you can use on a daily basis (even if life is busy)... to truly transform the way you feel?

Nutrition and wellness don't have to be complicated.  But I see so many clients who feel lost... unable to find the right way of eating, exercise and daily living to truly make them feel great.  This is where my NEW 3 month programme comes in... I want to help you make lifelong change, so it becomes a daily habit you don't even have to think about! 

What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is a brand new, 3 month live group programme.

I'm only taking a small group of women, who are truly passionate about transforming their health.  

Imagine I'm there with you in your home, for 3 months, to help you make lifelong change. To be able to quit dieting for good.  Make healthy living a habit, so it just becomes something you DO... without even having to think. 

Just imagine how great you could feel in 3 months time?  

  • Weekly or fortnightly group lessons:  in the first month weekly live calls, then once a fortnight for months 2 and 3.  Learn everything you need to live well and THRIVE.  Nutrition to help digestion, detox, immunity, skin, losing weight, hormones  - we'll delve deep into the power of the right food, to optimise your health. (Live calls are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm - but if you can't make it live, you'll get full access to the recordings). 
  • Mindset:  I'll teach you how to transform your mindset and thought patterns, so that how you think helps you THRIVE, not work against you.  
  • Recipe packs and meal ideas:  simple food to help you THRIVE.  Options for plant based and omnivores, those feeding a family or eating for one or two.  
  • A simple detox plan:  to kickstart the journey and help you let go of the toxins you don't need.  
  • Group support via our secret Facebook group:  where I'll be posting  and supporting you regularly, and you can help each other to THRIVE. 
  • Lifestyle strategies to help you sleep better, enjoy the right exercise, take care of your skin and clean up the environment around you. 
  • Weekly 60 minutes yoga sessions - suitable for every body.  Designed to build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance your mind.  Live (Tuesdays 6:30am) and recorded. 
  • Weekly 30 minutes breathwork and mindfulness -  learn to drop stress hormones quickly, with simple practices you can use every day.  Live (Thursdays midday) and recorded. 
  • My support for a full 3 months.  I'm there to help you succeed, and feel your best!  Imagine reaching Christmas Day, and feeling your absolute best!  

If you were to receive all of the above support in my one to one clinic, it would cost thousands of pounds.    Which is why I want to do offer this to you as a group, in a live programme.   

If you cannot pay in full, don't worry.  There is an instalments option - see below.  

I'm only offering a small amount of places, so that I can give you my full support.  Be there to guide you, nurture you and help you make real change, that lasts. 

I'm excited to help you THRIVE. 

If you'd like to join THRIVE...

I'm only offering a limited number of places. To join, use the button below to pay in full, or for installments, use the code Thrivex3 and this will allow you to pay the first month (£247), and then you can pay the 2nd and 3rd instalments each month of £197 each.

Limited places - join THRIVE here

I know how it feels to be just surviving... instead of thriving.

I've got the full array of T-shirts!

Burnout, stress, burning the candle at both ends, feeling like my head is just above water, digestive issues and trying every diet under the sun. In my previous career, I've been there. Worn all the t-shirts. And know how hard it can be to pull yourself out of the sludge. Fast forward 20 years, and in my 40s I feel the healthiest I've ever been, and I want to show you how to achieve everything I've learnt. From working with thousands of clients, practicing what I preach in my own busy family life and my years of clinical training.
I know how it feels to be just surviving... instead of thriving.

Registration closes on 20th September.

If you'd like to transform the way you feel, and step into Christmas feeling like you're thriving... then you can grab one of the places using the button below. I'm really looking forward to working with you!

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Learn to THRIVE here

I look forward to helping you THRIVE.

  • Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

    Nutritional Therapist DipION mBANT CNHC

    Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC

    I'm Catherine, one of the UK's most experienced and highly trained Nutritional Therapists. I'm also a busy Mum of 2, so I know what it's like trying to balance healthy meals around a busy home life. I believe that good, healthy food doesn't have to be complicated, and I've worked with over a thousand clients in my private clinic, and taught them how to eat well for life, in an achievable way. I now spread my message of healthy, happy eating around the world with my online courses.

    I'm also a stress expert, incorporating Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness into my teaching, so that I can help you balance your stress levels and better manage whatever life throws at you. I love teaching people that healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes don't have to be a sacrifice... you can eat well, move well and breath well for life. I look forward to showing you how. Catherine Jeans DipION mBANT CNHC YTT200